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We are a social purpose organisation for collaborative sustainable development. We believe active engagement from the public and multiple organisations is the key in achieving sustainable development and solving structural problems. We create platforms to empower active citizens to work with each other and to join issue-based intermediary organisations to mobilize for change. We do this through the “Thailand Collaboration for Change”, a cooperative network of active citizens and civil society groups working for inclusive and sustainable development.


Social synergy for active well-being society


To achieve our vision and goals, we focus on 3 principal areas:

  • Active Citizens for social mobilization
  • Collaborative Platforms for solving social problems
  • Resources Mobilization for shared social goals

Key Stakeholders

  • Beneficiaries
  • Donors
  • Social purpose organizations
  • Volunteers
  • Media

Outputs & Results

In 2018, all four platforms are vital elements to develop the social ecosystem that leads to the sustainable society. The outputs and results are as shown below.

  • Reached 53,328  beneficiaries
  • Reached 358 stakeholders
  • Reached 13,793 active citizens
  • Reached 362 volunteers

Collaboration Principles

  • Shared Vision and Values: Partners and stakeholders of Khonthai Foundation’s collaborative platforms should share enough values and goals to move forward and connect with other networks in order to bring about change in society together. Open discussion based on mutual respect for diversity is necessary for productive collaboration.
  • Complementarity of Purpose and Value Added: Collaborating with multiple players in society through teaming up for short and long-term goals. Give opportunities to all sectors to participate and take action to create change. Attain common objectives through mutual respect for each other’s expertise, skills, and experiences for sustainable success.
  • Autonomy and Independence: The collaboration between Khonthai Foundation and stakeholders must be based on mutual respect for each other’s organizational ethics and independence. Since funding may affect power relations, the foundation must not pressure stakeholders to adopt the foundation’s stance. The foundation must also respect differences such as stakeholders’ cultural identity, work directions, and priorities.
  • Transparency and Mutual Accountability: Khonthai Foundation and partners must be accountable to stakeholders such as donors and funding agencies by adhering to transparency and providing meaningful social impacts.
  • Clarity on Roles and Responsibilities: Collaboration between stakeholders and Khonthai Foundation is based on clear contracts and mutual understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. Funding decisions are based on thorough considerations and procedures. Open discussion is the policy to reach mutual understanding on strategies and project collaboration with each stakeholder. It is also the responsibility of Khonthai Foundation to create opportunities and provide suggestions for stakeholders to foster a better society together.
  • Commitment to Joint Learning: As a learning organization, Khonthai Foundation is committed to facilitate the quest of learning with stakeholders continuously and systematically so we can grow together from joint learning and through actually working with each other.

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