Korea National Council on Social Welfare

About Korea National Council on Social Welfare
  • Based In: South Korea
  • Markets Active: South Korea
  • Sector: Conservation, Education, Financial Inclusion, Governance
  • Beneficiaries: Children and youths, Elderly, Ethnic minorities, Offenders and re-offenders, People with disabilities, People without employment
  • Support Provided: Fundraising and/or Revenue Strategy

The Korea National Council on Social Welfare(KNCSW) is founded 1952. A prominent organization for voluntary social welfare, and plays the dual role of managing public welfare for the government and being involved in together Korea Social Welfare. The council extends upward to central, municipal and provincial, municipal and county and district social welfare associations, and outward through collaborations with welfare facilities, agencies and organizations to discover and offer private welfare resources. Legal ground of establishment and major functions of KNCSW.

The KNCSW is a legal organization stipulated in the 「Social Welfare Services Act」. In order to promote private social welfare projects, the council conducts research and study on social welfare and presents policy proposals, cooperates and coordinates with social welfare organizations and agencies, discovers people in social welfare needs and links them to private social welfare resources, and establishes social welfare projects designated by the presidential decree. In accordance with the 「Enforcement Decree of the Social Welfare Services Act」, it also provides education and training on social welfare, collects data and publishes publications on social welfare, promotes social welfare, facilitate volunteering activities, creates a culture of donation on social welfare projects, offers education and training to social welfare workers and improve their benefits, introduces social welfare studies and make exchanges with international social welfare organizations.

The CSR center is an organization that belongs to Korean National Council on Social Welfare, creating the right atmosphere of corporate social responsibility and forming a culture of sharing by not only providing the information on fields of corporate social responsibility and the status of activities but also opening a space for suggestions and sharing.

Korea National Council on Social Welfare team members on AVPN Connector
  • Sun-Ah Ahn

    CSR Center Head ManagerKorea National Council on Social Welfare

  • jiwon

    InternKNCSW's CSR center

  • kimji

    InternKNCSW's CSR center

  • Sook Jin Kim

    StaffKNCSW's Divison of Sharing Planning

  • mingium

    DirectorKNCSW's Division of External Affairs

  • Min Kyu Choi

    Assistant managerKNCSW's CSR center

  • Kwang Jin Kim


  • sj_mo

    Sub-ResearcherKNCSW's Division of Policy Research

  • Sang-Mok Suh

    PresidentKorea National Council on Social Welfare

  • soojung

    StaffKorea National Council on Social Welfare

  • Yong-Ho Woo

    CSR Center DirectorKorea National Council on Social Welfare