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Metro Pacific Investments goes beyond just the interests of its firms by integrating CSR into its business model and by embracing responsibility for its companies’ actions, thereby creating a positive impact through its activities on environment, employees, communities and stakeholders. MPI Foundation’s (MPIF) strategic program has evolved throughout its ten years of existence and is now geared towards three fronts of Social Infrastructure: Education, Environment and Economic Empowerment. In line with Metro Pacific Investments Corporation’s (MPIC) commitment to nation-building, MPIF seeks to complement MPIC’s efforts on the hard front of infrastructure development.

MPIF is committed to implementing all its programs – especially to benefit communities, organizations, families and individuals in the areas in which MPIC portfolio companies operate. As MPIC continues to grow and expand, so will MPIF’s involvement and participation in noteworthy and transformative corporate social responsibility initiatives continue to evolve.

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