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North-East is a global private multi-family office established in 2013 by Winnie Liljeborg and Per Algot Enevoldsen, founders of the global jewelry brand Pandora.

We are headquartered in Hellerup, just north of Copenhagen in Denmark and we also have offices in Singapore. Our families reside on several continents, so our work is internationally focused and require a global presence. Together with our families, we set a direction and help them fulfil their wishes, dreams and potential while creating a continuous positive impact in an ever-changing world. In order to be a full-service provider, we have grown to cover a wide range of specialist fields, including philanthropy.

North-East develops and build customized structures necessary to fulfil the philanthropic ambitions of our families – be it an international trust or a charitable foundation. We co-develop portfolios of philanthropic activities tailored to the wishes of each family based on their geographical and thematic areas of interest and we deploy capital and tools that go beyond grant-making to achieve catalytic changes and lasting footprints on the issues that matter to our families.

Our approach is bold, meaning we experiment with new ideas where others can’t or won’t and we do that by investing in equal partnerships, shared goals, evidence-informed design and a strong learning culture. We also take pride in going the extra mile to help our partners expand their impact by leveraging on our reputation, influence, knowledge and strategic insights.

North-East currently manages the following philanthropic structures for our families:

ECCA Family Foundation


Algot Enevoldsen Foundation (upcoming)

Based In


Market Active

Cambodia, Denmark, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Social causes


Support provided




Access to Networks, Coaching and Mentoring of Management, Legal Support

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