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Olive Tree Estates Ltd’s vision is to be a positive force for change in emerging markets by catalyzing the growth and development of sustainable and healthy communities for the masses and under-privileged. Our mission is to provide affordable quality housing as the bedrock of our holistic solution which includes localized and contextualized community development platforms, established with like-minded/hearted stakeholders and specialist partners.

Modelled closely after benefit corporations in the United States which seek to optimize profit and maximize positive impact to society, Olive Tree Estates offers a holistic approach to social impact with the provision of affordable housing to the masses as the cornerstone of our solution. At Olive Tree Estates, we are fully committed to deploy critical community development elements which aim to increase social equity and nurture social capital within our affordable housing developments and the surrounding neighborhoods. In establishing our integrated and customized community impact platforms, we work with an eco-system of strategic partners and specialists across multiple domains who share in our vision and mission.

It is our intention that every Olive Tree Estates residential development will couple quality and secure homes with the provision of early childhood education, healthcare services and a relevant suite of community impact services to advance social equity within the community. A key feature in our Olive Tree Estates developments will be the establishment of integrated care centres which will offer a specially customized, blended and localized suite of social services to support the growth of families and strengthen social capital and networks within the community and in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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