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Practical Action is an international development group, building sustainable lives and livelihoods with people on the frontlines of poverty and climate change. Right now, the climate and the environmental crisis is undermining years of progress against poverty. Lives and livelihoods are under threat, with the world’s poorest people most at risk, especially women and vulnerable groups.

We’re harnessing six decades of practical problem-solving and applying it to communities living on the frontlines of poverty and climate change. We innovate real-world, practical solutions to urgent problems like catastrophic flooding, unhygienic waste and failing harvests.

We celebrate and champion the most powerful solutions, that work for people and planet. And we collaborate with partners around the world to accelerate what works, so solutions that start small can bring about big change.

Our Change Ambitions: Four Pillars of Transformation

  • Farming that Works: We are turning the tide in agriculture for smallholder farmers. Our focus is on adapting farming practices to climate change, aiming to enhance the standard of living and secure food sources. It is not just farming; it is a revolution in sustainable agriculture.
  • Energy that Transforms: Access to clean and affordable energy is a game-changer. We are tackling the global crisis of indoor pollution from stoves and fires, saving lives, and lighting up futures.
  • Cities Fit for People: We envision cities where clean water, effective waste disposal, and sewage treatment are not luxuries but basics. Our work in urban areas is about making healthier living and working conditions a reality for all.
  • Resilience that Protects: Predicting, preparing, and partnering with communities to withstand natural hazards is crucial. We are minimizing the impact of these hazards on lives and livelihoods, building resilience that stands the test of time.

We foster change through a range of impact models, each contributing to our overarching goal of impactful development.

This multifaceted strategy includes our roles as an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO), a consulting entity through Practical Action Consulting (PAC), and a knowledge disseminator via Practical Action Publishing



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