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Small-scale family farming is the backbone of Myanmar’s agrarian economy, and yet are the single, largest underserved market in Myanmar. These farmers are underserved by private agriculture companies, the foreign aid sector as well as government agriculture extension and research systems.

Over the past 15 years, Proximity has served over 3 million rural people in this farming ecosystem. Our aim is to transform Myanmar’s agricultural system into a vibrant source of food production, jobs and incomes for rural households, while preparing Myanmar for the dual challenges of climate change and population growth

We do this by this by providing farm services through a broad platform, offering a series of curated products and services that make farming more productive, sustainable and profitable. Our core product stack currently addresses six critical gaps faced by our customers in farm finance, agronomy extension and farm technologies categories. They are as follow: Seeds and Planting, Precision Irrigation, Soil Health Testing, Nutrient Management, Seasonal Crop Loans and Crop Protection.



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