SEE Foundation

About SEE Foundation
  • Based In: China
  • Sector: Education, Environment and Climate Action, Water and sanitation and hygiene
  • Beneficiaries: Flora and fauna
  • Financing Provided: Grant
  • Support Provided: Access to Networks, Coaching and Mentoring of Management, Financial Management and/or Accounting, Fundraising and/or Revenue Strategy, Human Resources, Marketing and Communication, Operational Management, Strategy Consulting

Founded on June 5th, 2004, SEE (Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology) is a ground-breaking non-governmental organization aiming to protect environment. It was the first environmental protection NGO in China with a membership comprised mainly of entrepreneurs who dedicate to advance enterprise social responsibility.

In 2008, SEE Foundation, also known as Beijing Entrepreneur Environmental Protection Foundation, was established with the mission of supporting and nurturing Chinese environmental civil society organizations, and facilitate a learning platform for entrepreneurs, NGOs and the public to engage in environmental protection and sustainable development.At the end of 2014, SEE Foundation became a public fundraising foundation working on three main areas, namely desertification control, pollution prevention and green supply chains, as well as ecosystem conservation and nature education. While the scope of its work continues to expand, SEE Foundation is firmly committed to supporting the environmental cause of China’s civil society.

SEE Foundation team members on AVPN Connector