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Social Finance India (SFI), an intermediary that uses innovative finance to improve social outcomes. It has been set up by GSG (Global Steering Group for Impact Investment). SFI will build a strong Social and Development Impact Bonds (SIB/DIB) market and will invest in outcome focused social programs in India. Social Finance – India will launch of two pioneering initiatives this year – India Education Outcomes Fund (IEOF) and India Impact Fund (IIF).

India Education Outcomes Fund (IEOF) aims to create a fund which will bring funding on scale, to drive a sharper focus on evidence based and measurable outcomes. This unique fund structure will diversify risk for investors, while ensuring service providers will be assured of funding on scale, even as philanthropic money pays only for successful outcomes. The IEOF, will absorb capital for a range of service areas including early childhood learnings, primary and secondary education, edtech solutions and employability.

The India Impact Fund (IIF) – The IIF’s objective is to support India’s economic, social and environmental growth in the areas of affordable housing, MSMEs, education, health, clean energy and agriculture, by catalysing affordable debt, to small impactful non-banking organisations. unable to access credit in India. IIF aims to unleash USD 1-1.5 bln of debt, helping India achieve key SDG goals & Government priorities.

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