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The Social Impact Management Initiative (SIMI) is a collaborative effort of diverse stakeholders in Japan, including nonprofits and businesses, funders and funding intermediaries, government agencies, intermediary support organizations and think tanks, evaluators and researchers. Through this multi-sector initiative, SIMI promotes social impact management throughout Japan. As of January 2020 more than 160 member organizations made up SIMI. SIMI was established in 2016 to promote social impact measurement in Japan. In recent years, in the United States and Europe, where social impact measurement is strongly promoted, the focus has shifted to not only to measuring impacts but also to conducting impact-focused management. SIMI has realized that measuring and evaluating social impact is important, but not sufficient by itself. It is imperative to strengthen the social impact focus of society as a whole and to spread the social impact management practices throughout the world. Based on this understanding, in January 2019 SIMI changed its name from Social Impact Measurement Initiative to Social Impact Management Initiative. In October 2020, SIMI was reorganized into a General Incorporated Foundation.

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