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Tactiv Pty Ltd emerged from a project sponsored by the Queensland and Australian Governments to get a better understanding of what outcomes were actually being achieved from investment under the National Heritage Trust.

Tactiv started life as a subsidiary of a community Not For Profit (SEQ Catchments). Our original clients were Government Agencies or NFP’s required to report to Government. We have a very different genesis to the standard software company and a deep legacy and understanding of the needs of NFP’s and the challenges and pressures faced by this sector especially the measurement of outcomes.

We have developed a modern cloud based ‘software as a service’ solution to manage contract and grants from application or proposal through to acquittal and reporting. We want to support better decision making and facilitate reporting outcomes with greater investment transparency and certainty in impact for investors.

We recently completed a major project with the New Zealand Government to manage their entire International Aid Portfolio/Budget and assist them to report against the IATI Standard and SDG. SEQ Catchments was also a very early adopter of the Global Reporting Initiative in Australia and began reporting against the sustainable reporting standard in 2013.

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