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The Taiwan Nonprofit Self-Regulation Alliance (the Alliance) was established in 2005 to promote fundraising accountability, financial transparency, service efficiency, and organizational governance in the nonprofit sector. As of February 2023, it has 309 member organizations, making it the largest alliance in Taiwan. These members span various sectors, including social welfare, education, environment, healthcare, animal welfare, arts, and culture, and have pledged to adhere to self-regulation principles. The Alliance supports member organizations implementing accountable practices by providing guidance and resources. It promotes transparency by disclosing its members’ financial and work reports on its platform. The Alliance is dedicated to fostering accountability, transparent use of donations, and achieving meaningful social impact. It takes action by promoting accountability within the nonprofit sector, raising public awareness of doing good, collaborating with partners to contribute to the SDGs and facilitate sustainable development, offering capacity-building programs to support the long-term development of NPOs, and serving as a platform for cross-sector collaboration between the public and private sectors.


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  • Chris Shen

    Chris Shen

    Secretary General at Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance

  • Tien-Mu Sun

    Tien-Mu Sun

    Director of Knowledge for Impact at Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance

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