About TheTeacherApp
  • Based In: India
  • Countries Active: India
  • Sector: Education
  • Beneficiaries: Children and youths

‘Every teacher will learn and grow anytime, anywhere, at zero cost.’

TheTeacherApp is a not-for-profit organization aiming to achieve the above vision.

There are 90 lac teachers in India. Every year we add close to 9 lac to this pool. Year after year 6 out of 7 teachers fail the teacher eligibility test that the government conducts. There are widespread reports which suggest that teachers in our schools don’t have conceptual clarity themselves. Progressive ideas of teaching and latest know-how of teaching is not reaching our teachers continuously. Our current teacher training infrastructure is just not been able to provide continuous support to our teachers who like doctors and lawyers require constant update of how the practice is evolving.

This is a major challenge considering 250 million poor children in India completely depend on teachers for better learning outcomes.

At TheTeacherApp we are keen to reimagine this situation by connecting teachers to high quality training directly on their smartphones and helping state governments to reimagine teacher support to create a world where teachers have anytime, anywhere access to high quality content.

Hence our mission is to:

  • Break barriers between teachers and quality professional development content by leveraging technology
  • Create an ecosystem to enable and accelerate the digitization of existing non-digital teacher development solutions

So far, TheTeacherApp has developed a unique “sweet spot format” for digital courses which works for Indian contexts. Their courses are short 1 hr long, done in audio visual interactive format, in Hindi, taking less than 50 MB data, available offline and free.

Post a successful pilot in Jan 2017, TheTeacherApp is focusing on two critical components to support teachers learn digital. First, to create a vibrant community of practice to widen the activity of creating high quality open source content for teachers. Second, to work with central and state governments to learn what are the best push and pull strategies which enable adoption and active consumption of digital training, leading to improvement of teaching practice.

For the first, while TheTeacherApp has set its own academic unit, it has also started two programs Author fellowship Program and the Dream Team project to create an open community of practice to unlock digital content for teachers. By 2022, TheTeacherApp aims to create 1000 hours of content for teachers.

For the second, TheTeacherApp has partnered with MHRD, NCTE, Education Departments of Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh to integrate digital content to support teacher development. Currently, there are 85000 users of the app and its content in these three states. By 2022, TheTeacherApp aims to reach over 1 million teachers across 12 hindi speaking states in India.

With the start and support from Central Square Foundation and, TheTeacherApp by 2022 aims to create an important vantage point to the ecosystem from where we could make a giant leap to create a world-

Where every teacher will learn and grow anytime,anywhere, at zero cost


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