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The tiia (Taiwan Impact Investing Association) was officially established in 2020. The association is set to attract and mobilize market capital in the pursuit of returns while substantiating SDGs, and aligning development efforts for a sound Impact Investment ecosystem in Taiwan that connects peers the world over.

Taiwan has been proactive in cross-country cooperation and supports the buildup of an Impact Investment ecosystem compliant with international standards. Earlier efforts in both the public and the private sectors transitioned the development of social enterprises and CSR to social innovations and ESG ranging from Impact Investment, and responsible investment, to sustainable investment. In the true sense of the word, however, Impact Investment by definition is a burgeoning discipline in Taiwan!

In 2019, we were qualified for a GSG Taiwan NAB.

In Nov. 2021, we held the Taiwan Impact Investing Forum (TIIF), which was an annual convening of stakeholders from across the impact investment ecosystem and the first such one held in Taiwan. The guest speakers came from leading practices in Japan, Israel, the UK, the US, and Taiwan.(https://tiia.tw/tiif-2021-en/)




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  • Joe Hsueh

    Joe Hsueh

    Chair of International Affairs Committee at tiia (Taiwan Impact Investment Association)

  • Yu-Hsuan Ho

    Yu-Hsuan Ho

    Deputy Secretary-general at tiia (Taiwan Impact Investment Association)

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