VNV Advisory Services Pte. Ltd.

About VNV Advisory Services Pte. Ltd.
  • Based In: India
  • Markets Active: Bangladesh, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka
  • Sector: Agriculture, Climate Action and Environment, Conservation, Energy, Gender, Health, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation, Water and Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Support Provided: Coaching and Mentoring of Management, Fundraising and/or Revenue Strategy, Impact Measurement, Operational Management, Strategy Consulting

VNV Advisory Services LLP has been at the forefront of working with climate change and livelihoods. Our decade-long experience has seen us develop low-carbon projects that support these communities in getting their basic needs while adapting to and mitigating the harsh impacts of climate change. We work in areas of clean cooking, social forestry, sustainable agriculture, rural energy access and many other related community-based technologies. With support from over 40 NGOs and implementation partners, our work encompasses over 4 million rural households across the South Asian (India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Mongolia and Sri Lanka) region. We have also been able to engage with businesses to address issues of Social Responsibility, Environmental Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality.

VNV Advisory Services Pte. Ltd. team members on AVPN Connector