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Well-being for Planet Earth (WPE) is a new Japan-based research and policy foundation. It was founded in 2019 by Yoshiki Ishikawa and colleagues, with initial financial support provided by LIFULL Co., Ltd. The overarching aim of WPE is to develop a more nuanced and globally inclusive understanding of wellbeing, and moreover to use this understanding to influence public policy to better promote wellbeing worldwide. The context for this aim is the critique that conventional academic and policy approaches to wellbeing tend to be Western-centric, focused around concepts such as life satisfaction. Although such concepts do have some universal relevance, nevertheless they are influenced by the values and traditions of the West. Consequently, WPE is at the forefront of efforts to fashion a more comprehensive and universal approach to wellbeing. Its initial efforts in that respect have involved a groundbreaking partnership with Gallup, known as the Global Wellbeing Initiative (GWI). The GWI focuses on developing new items for inclusion in the Gallup World Poll that reflect non-Western perspectives on wellbeing, with nine new items included in the 2020 and 2021 polls. This initiative will lay the foundation for future such ambitious research projects, which collectively will transform the global understanding of wellbeing.

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