AVPN facilitates new VPOs


June 7, 2012

As part of its role to facilitate the establishment and growth of new venture philanthropy organisations, AVPN has been involved with new VPOs forming in Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.We have played an active role in a new Japanese initiative comprising private equity and corporate finance advisory professionals and a leading foundation. AVPN has also helped bring together a group of private equity firms and family foundations in Hong Kong.The venture philanthropy initiative of Gordoncare, based in Melbourne, has been under internal development since well before AVPN’s recent launch. It is now moving forward and Gordoncare is looking for a CEO to lead its transformation into a venture philanthropy foundation.As part of our medium-term field building activities, we introduce members seeking to expand their VP activities and make referrals across our broader network of followers and contacts. AVPN is not actively involved after the initial stages of introductions and knowledge sharing.