AVPN Roadshows attended by more than 400 VP Supporters

More than 400 people attended the roadshow events across Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo, representing a balanced mix from the diverse sectors that make up the venture philanthropy eco-system.The breakdown of the attendees overall was grant making foundations 15%, charities or social enterprises 15%, professional service firms 14%, venture philanthropy practitioners 13%, private equity 12%, corporations 10% and the remaining 21% a mix of universities, government-related, private banks and media.Roadshow participantsWe received consistently positive feedback about the morning roundtable discussion format and plan more of this style of event in 2012. The key themes at these sessions were developing deal flow, applying VP to grant making and impact investing strategies, measuring social impact, bringing more human talent into the VP space, and the early stage of VP in Asia.Impetus Trust from the UK and New Profit from the USA shared their experience as pioneers of VP in their markets and described some of the roadblocks and bumps along the way to becoming successful and much larger organisations. The local panel members at the seminars in each city contrasted their experiences and identified the challenges of operating in markets where the philanthropic and social enterprise sectors are relatively new or niche activities.AVPN is now preparing to open for founder members at the end of November and then for broader membership from the Spring of 2012. We invite you to engage with us as we develop the VP community across Asia.

Program book for Mumbai event

Program book for Singapore event
Singapore Seminar
Singapore Seminar – 12 Oct 2011

Program book for Hong Kong event
Hong Kong Seminar – 14 Oct 2011

Program book for Tokyo event
Tokyo Seminar
Tokyo Seminar – 17 Oct 2011