CAF America’s Tax Effective Solutions for Donors


March 4, 2014

cafAre you a charitable organization looking to provide tax-effective solutions for your donors? CAF America offers two solutions ! The first is our Donor Advised Gifts (DAG). Through this service, your donors can make single one-off gifts to CAF America with your organization as a suggestion. For this service, our minimum gift size is $500 and all gifts are tax deductible. To make a DAG, your donors would need to complete the attached gift form or donate via our website. CAF America Gift Form The second option is our Friends Fund. This fund is an exciting, cost-effective alternative for foreign nonprofits seeking to improve their support from US donors. If you are planning to launch a fundraising appeal here in the US, our Friends Fund would save you money and eliminate the time and trouble of establishing and administering a public charity in the United States. Donations of any size are accepted into a Friends Fund and balances are paid out to the foreign nonprofit on a quarterly basis. The fees associated with this option are on the attached flier. For both of these options, your best next step is to become eligible with CAF America. Details on this process are outlined on the attached  Charity FAQ flier.