Coming Soon: AVPN Investment Showcase


September 8, 2012

AVPN will be promoting our members’ activities and we will soon be collecting information from our members to create the AVPN Investment Showcase. This showcase will highlight the organisations and programs that have been funded by AVPN members.The AVPN Investment Showcase will include existing social investments using a standardised investment profile. The profiles will describe the social issue at hand, the intervention that was funded, and the eventual social impact. Other details like country of implementation, social sector focus, organizational maturity of the investee, type of support provided as well as the amount funded will also be included. Each profile will be linked to the relevant member descriptions in the AVPN Member Directory. These investment profiles will capture joint co-investment activity among AVPN members.The Showcase is currently in closed beta testing; it will subsequently be opened up to the wider AVPN community for members to upload their own social investment profiles.AVPN investment showcase