Education Symposium in Singapore


January 8, 2015


Register now for the Kaizen-INSEAD Education Symposium on October 4! Early bird pricing ends August 15! The KIES conference, “Global Trends; Local realities”, will explore how macro trends in the education industry are becoming a reality in Southeast Asia. Speakers include experts from across the globe who will sit on one of five panels focusing on: education technology; teacher training; technical and vocational training; funding the ecosystem; and the internationalization of higher education. The conference will be a platform to debate some of the most relevant issues and trends facing the education industry today. To further the panelist discussions, conference participants from all parts of the educational ecosystem are encouraged to attend. The conference is designed to help connect industry constituents to one another and, in turn, help build an educational foundation to foster continued economic growth. The conference is comprised of the following sessions:

  • Session 1: Education Technology
  • Session 2: Learning Outcomes & Teacher Training
  • Session 3: Technical & Vocational Education Training
  • Session 4: Funding the Ecosystem
  • Session 5: Internationalization of Higher Education

The objective of the Symposium is to bring together organizations and individuals who wish to showcase their participation in the education sector with an emphasis on finding solutions to problems and opportunities facing the sector. The symposium also provides a world class networking opportunity with organizations like Bertelsmann, McKinsey, IFC, Parthenon, Pearson, WISE, ADB, Laureate, E&Y and many more. Speakers from these organizations are congregating to discuss an over-arching theme of global trends which are shaping the sector and local challenges confronting practitioners as well as investors.I would encourage you to avail of the early bird offer before it ends and register for the Symposium by clicking on the following link: you have any further questions or thoughts please email