Free webinar on Mobilising Human Capital on 25 June


May 25, 2012

Join us for a webinar with Fiona Halton from Pilotlight. She will help you with tools you need to be a more effective investor: tools learned by an organisation with a decade’s experience in bringing senior business leaders together with visionary charities. Date: 25 June 2013Time: 4-5pm (Singapore time) Register here:  Fiona Halton, Chief Executive

 BackgroundPilotlight was set up to address the needs of small charities and social enterprises who have the expertise to support their beneficiaries but do not have, and could not afford to buy, the time and skills to develop their own infrastructure. In a survey of small charities, Pilotlight found that only four per cent said they received effective professional help.  Pilotlight then surveyed leading business people and found various barriers, such as being time-poor, which prevented them from offering their professional help. Pilotlight then trialled several models of professional skills-giving and arrived at one that overcame those barriers.The Webinar

During this webinar, Fiona will introduce Pilotlight’s unique model of mobilizing human capital, give case studies showing  how this model was effectively applied and discuss how we can create metrics to assess the social impact delivered by these skilled volunteers.Fiona’s bioFiona Halton is chief executive of Pilotlight and the creator of Pilotlighting – a unique method that enables business leaders to work effectively with charities so that they increase impact. The model also creates a community of philanthropists. Fiona has a track record in establishing and running new organisations. She set up British Film Year which won the British Sales and Marketing Award and was runner-up for Veuve Cliquot Business Woman of the Year. Fiona was part of the team that ran the first Comic Relief which raised more than £13 million. She was acting director of TimeBank and took it to launch – it is now an established, BBC-supported campaign, inspiring a new generation of volunteers.

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