Inclusive business model profile from Vietnam

Healthy Farm

HealthyFarm, under Evergreen Social Ventures Company Limited, aims to improve the entire clean food value chain through a multi-level approach, starting from production to increase the general supply of clean good, to enabling a fair income for farmers with affordable prices for consumers. To do so, they use a three-way approach to tackle the food security problem in Vietnam, by increasing supply through awareness and education, adopting a direct-to-consumer approach, and hand-selection based on EU and American standards. HealthyFarm connects farmers and consumers through distribution channels and handles the logistics to increase market access. By reduce spoilage, this enables everyone to become a clean food farmer and to sell produce for additional income. HealthyFarm also supports environmental conservation via increased yield through tech-based intensified farming. Find out more about HealthyFarm and about the deal on the AVPN Deal Share Platform.