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Social Investment in Action in Asia

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Understand the social investment landscape

As the largest network of social funders and investors in Asia, AVPN aims to continue mapping the social investment landscape in the region.

This will help identify funding gaps by issue and geography, enabling social investors to direct capital to the most impactful or neglected areas, in an informed manner.

AVPN, in collaboration with Impact Intelligence, developed the AI-powered Social Investment in Action in Asia dashboard, which provides interactive data about the mobilisation of capital towards impact in Asia involving AVPN members, sourced from news.


Social Investment in Action in Asia


Bringing the dashboard to life

The dashboard leverages an innovative combination of text analytics and AI to search for social investment data in English news articles across the Internet.

The extensive data collected is then cleaned, validated, clustered, and classified to provide meaningful information.


English news sources scanned


AVPN members involved


Articles analysed


Member activities captured


How to read the data

Using the filters provided on the dashboard, the data can be sorted by time period, social cause, SDG, and type of support - where categories of financial capital are determined by those mentioned in AVPN’s Continuum of Capital, and categories of non-financial support have emerged from the global scan.

While utmost care has been taken in addressing the accuracy of this data, the dataset should be viewed as indicative and not definitive. There are inherent limitations in the data which we will continue to address as we refine our processes and technology evolves. Please read the Disclaimer section on the dashboard for more details.


Maximise your impact


Understand the movement of impact activities and identify unmet needs across various dimensions in Asia


Find potential collaboration opportunities to drive collective impact


Reduce time required for data collection and focus on decision-making


Frequently Asked Questions

While manually processing 1.8 million of news articles is too labour-intensive, feeding all the entries into new large language models (LLMs) such as GPT-4 alone would not accomplish this task. In addition to being prohibitively expensive, it would produce redundant and irrelevant information. Thus, an innovative combination of text analytics operations was used to filter out irrelevant news, remove redundancies, and cluster and classify information.
The publicly available dashboard processed data from July 2022 to the end of 2023.
To ensure the quality control of the dashboard, duplicate article names were initially identified using database functions, and those entries were manually reviewed. The team also scrutinised organisations or geographies displaying unusually high or low activity. Random sampling for checking was employed to ensure accuracy and relevance to the topic.

If you become an AVPN member after the end of 2023, your activities are reflected in the latest version of the dashboard. Reach out to us for more details.

This version of the dashboard contains information extracted solely from English-language news articles published globally. It also does not yet include data from annual reports, social media, or other sources. If you would like to include your information in the latest version of the dashboard, please write to us.


Let’s unlock the insights

Get a deeper understanding of impact capital flow in Asia through the Social Investment in Action dashboard