Social Enterprise Development Toolkit Pilot Launch

Charting your organisation’s path towards Investment Readiness

Take The Assessment

Welcome to the Social Enterprise (SE) Development Toolkit. AVPN has partnered Credit Suisse to run a pilot programme to strengthen Social Enterprise (SE) development. Tapping on AVPN network of funders and resource providers, we harness our partnerships to provide expertise required to address SEs competency gaps. In addressing the non-financial capital requirements, we identify a key set of needs that represent barriers towards investor readiness. With the results of the pilot curriculum, we are happy to launch this pilot Toolkit to help SEs with profiling themselves to their stage of development, identify their needs and then match them to a set of support available.

The toolkit comprises Village Capital’s Venture Investment Readiness and Awareness Level VIRAL® matrix, and we have mapped close to 300 resources from the AVPN network. Please take a few minutes to assess your SE stage. A result and resource page will be generated to help you prioritise and look for programmes and online tools to support your journey further.

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Generate Self-Awareness

about where your organisation is along the VIRAL matrix and identify your organisation’s strengths and weakness.

Articulate Your Level

of investment readiness efficiently with potential investors leading to more productive conversations.

Recommended Resources

that will help in strengthening your capabilities to manage the gaps towards being investment ready.

For further  information on how to use the toolkit, please see the short video below


In collaboration with
  • Credit Suisse
  • Village Capital