Getting Started in Venture Philanthropy in Asia


“Why jump into venture philanthropy? It is passion about the problem and no longer wanting to take what was in the old world but wanting to do something different.”– Francis Ngai, Founder and CEO of Social Ventures Hong Kong.

AVPN has launched a new guide to help all would-be venture philanthropists and social investors. This brings AVPN’s members and followers the experience of practitioners in Europe and current insights from Asia to help then getting started with their own giving circles, investors clubs or larger scale investment funds and foundations.The guide is available in hard copy to purchase or for free download. It answers the common question “How do I get started in Venture Philanthropy or Social Investment?” with practical advice about setting up and running a new organisation.

By sharing this knowledge among our members we expect to unlock new sources of funding in many countries as our members come together to decide on the social sectors or stages of organisational growth that they want to focus on.At the same time we have been supported by leading law firms to take a look at the legal framework profile for setting up a VP or SI organisation in six countries – China, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan and Singapore. These reports take an eco-system perspective and consider the lifecycle of effective and engaged funding from initial donors or investors through value-adding intermediaries to high potential social organisations.

The reports can be downloaded for free to accompany the guide. This modular approach to the legal framework can be easily extended to include other countries.AVPN has more than 45 practising members but the Asian market is still at the early stages of developing a track record for venture philanthropy and social investing. AVPN provides a unique platform for multiple stakeholders – foundations, family offices, private equity and other wealth managers, corporations, government and professional service firms – to come together and accelerate and coordinate their activities.To download the report, please click on this link.

Legal framework documents can be downloaded here:

AVPN-GSPVA-Legal-Hong-Kong-150x150 AVPN-GSVPA-Legal-China-150x150 AVPN-GSVPA-Legal-India-150x150
Hong Kong China India
AVPN-GSVPA-legal-Japan-150x150 AVPN-GSVPA-Legal-Singapore-150x150
Japan Singapore