Startupbootcamp Digital Health Chengdu


April 17, 2017

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Chengdu is Startupbootcamp’s first China-based program dedicated to supporting and scaling 10 digital health startups.

Located in Chengdu, we are bringing our proven digital health focused program, in partnership with Thinkzone, to accelerate digital health startups as they develop solutions which increase access to quality of care, bridge the gap in the health care delivery system and reduce local medical costs.

We choose to base our first China-based program in Chengdu, as it is one of the fastest developing innovation centers in China. With a fast growing middle class and supporting policies for healthcare innovation, Chengdu is an ideal location for entrepreneurs to pilot digital solutions and scale it nationally and internationally.

Healthcare is a restricted and complex sector in China, which limits the speed at which entrepreneurs can scale. Entering into China’s hospital sector requires an understanding of the regulatory and political landscape and a strong network of medical professionals.

In partnership with the Chinese partner Thinkzone, a well-known player in science and technology in China with strong government connections, the program offers digital health entrepreneurs a faster route into the market.

How we define Digital Health?

Digital health is the convergence of medical knowledge with technology. Digital health improves our health and makes it possible for us to live better through personalized and precise solutions, while improving access to health care delivery and increasing the level of health services. If your startup is combining health and technology in one of the areas below, we welcome you to one of our FastTrack events to explore your product/service further together with our 100+ mentors for the industry.

Are you the next leading Digital Health startup in China, apply today!

Deadline: May 1, 2017