AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Asia Update: China in Landmark Pledge

China has undertaken new regulations to allow nonprofit organisations, including charities and industry associations to take on larger roles in society. The Associated Press quoted Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo as saying: “Overall, from now on, the role that our country’s social organizations will play in economic and social development will be expanded and strengthened.” […]

AVPN’s Inaugural Conference Calls for Greater Collaboration

The key take-away from AVPN’s inaugural conference was the need for collaborative action in the venture philanthropy and social investment space in Asia. Industry professionals gathered in Singapore for what was the first event of its kind in Asia and walked away with new ideas, networks and inspiration for their work. Given the nascent stage […]

Moving Towards Pay For Success (PFS) in Asia

4 min

With an established presence in UK, US and Australia, Third Sector seeks to bring Pay For Success (PFS) projects to Asia to troubleshoot issues of ageing population, healthcare and more.

Professionalism in China’s Social Sector Catching up with the Rest of the World

There was constant talk about impact measurement, transparency, accountability, civil engagement, professionalism and investment strategies. AVPN attended the China Private Foundation Forum in Guang Zhou, held over 22-23 November 2012, which was a spectacular harbinger of the direction that the country’s social sector would be developing towards. Over 500 attendees turned up, and many times, […]

Social Impact Bonds: How Do We Avoid A Bubble?

By Paul Carttar Social impact bonds (SIB’s) are substantive innovations with distinctive potential to add meaningful value to our society. But, then, so were Dutch tulips, early railroad stocks and, of course, dot com startups. History counsels that genuine bubbles are identified not by their inflation but by their bursting. So it’s premature to pass […]