AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


Asia Update: China in Landmark Pledge

China has undertaken new regulations to allow nonprofit organisations, including charities and industry associations to take on larger roles in society. The Associated Press quoted Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo as saying: “Overall, from now on, the role that our country’s social organizations will play in economic and social development will be expanded and strengthened.” […]

AVPN Launches Investment Showcase

We have launched an Investment Showcase on our website to actively promote our members’ activities by highlighting organisations, programmes and activities that have been funded by these members. The Investment Showcase features members’ social investment projects and appears on the resources page of the AVPN website. The purpose of this page is to present existing […]

Global Survey on funders – Philanthropy in Motion

PIM (www.pimchina.org) provides a platform that connects donors and funders worldwide to support social purpose organizations, including NGOs and social enterprises. We are in the process of designing an interactive technology product that will improve transparency in the philanthropic sector, streamlining not only access to information about but also interaction with social purpose organizations. Please […]

NPI to Launch 2ha Social Innovation Park in Shanghai

Non-Profit Incubator (NPI), a not-for-profit organisation serving the development of the social sector in China, will be launching The Nest, a Social Innovation Park that brings together social enterprises in one physical space and provides support for these enterprises to scale their operations. The park will officially be opened in the summer of 2013. The […]

Social Impact Bonds: How Do We Avoid A Bubble?

By Paul Carttar Social impact bonds (SIB’s) are substantive innovations with distinctive potential to add meaningful value to our society. But, then, so were Dutch tulips, early railroad stocks and, of course, dot com startups. History counsels that genuine bubbles are identified not by their inflation but by their bursting. So it’s premature to pass […]