AVPN Global Conference 2023 | 20 - 22 June 2023


6 Hotspots for Social Impact in Asia: Key Trends and Players

4 min read

Inclusive Business (IB) is a novel concept in Asia, but highly relevant. Aiming to catalyse social impact in a financially viable way, it provides opportunities for private and public sector players to work alongside communities at the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) to enable sustainable livelihoods for all.

6 Lessons for Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) in the Time of COVID-19

5 min read

With schools across the globe closing, the COVID-19 health emergency has brought unprecedented change and uncertainty to 1.5 billion learners in 165 countries1. Students are learning to adapt to the online educational opportunities that government and schools are hurrying to deliver to meet the challenge. For millions of young children at the pre-primary level, however, sources of safety and comfort – found in the familiar routine and structure provided by planned activities at school – are now dramatically altered.

ASCEP: Landscape of Social Enterprises in Singapore

The buzz around social enterprises in Singapore is growing louder and more insistent. Yet one does not have to scratch too far beneath the surface of this energy and enthusiasm to realise that there is little consensus even amongst the most ardentsupporters on what the primary characteristics of an organisation that calls itself a social […]

AVPN Co-Organises Landmark Social Investing Conference in China

The inaugural China Social Enterprise and Social Investment Forum kicked off to a roaring start in Shenzhen on 18th June for a day and a half of discussions with international and Asian speakers sharing their best practices with the Chinese audience. The forum is organized by the Alliance of the same name, founded by 16 […]

AVPN Develops the Vp Market in Taiwan

In early September, AVPN was in Taipei to further understand the social enterprise sector and the philanthropy landscape in Taiwan. AVPN met with various government agencies promoting the social enterprise space including the workforce development agency and the ministry of economic affairs. We also conducted a series of workshops on venture philanthropy. We held a […]

AVPN Exchanged MOU with China Charity Fair as Strategic Partner

The 4th China Charity Fair was held from Sept. 18th-20th in South China’s booming city, Shenzhen. AVPN partnered with China Charity Fair in organizing the event and brought international member organizations from eight countries to participate at the trade fair, and another 10 organisations participated in the conferences as speakers. Overview of China Charity Fair […]

AVPN Launches Investment Showcase

We have launched an Investment Showcase on our website to actively promote our members’ activities by highlighting organisations, programmes and activities that have been funded by these members. The Investment Showcase features members’ social investment projects and appears on the resources page of the AVPN website. The purpose of this page is to present existing […]

AVPN Members’ SEs pitching at Friday Happy Hour with JFDI

AVPN collaborated with Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI) to host a Friday happy hour session for our member, The Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) on 15th May. In the landmark startup building–Blk 71 at Ayer Rajah, APNIC brought four grantees to discuss how technology can create greater social impact to a full house of […]

AVPN September 2015 Webinar Recording- Social Innovations In Environment

Global warming, toxic waste pollutions, deforestation… Environmental issues are always close to the heart of mankind. Against the backdrop of a global environmental deterioration, social innovation becomes an important force to address and solve various issues and to work towards sustainable development. In our first investment showcase webinar, we are introducing two social enterprises in […]

Catalysing Venture Philanthropy Funds in Asia

As venture philanthropy finds its feet in Asia, AVPN continues to play an instrumental role as a catalyst for the setting up of venture philanthropy funds in the region. While philanthropy by itself is not a recent phenomenon in Asia, AVPN is helping crystallise the concepts of venture philanthropy and social investment in an attempt […]

Giving Circles Asia Launches Their Information Portal!

A giving circle is a group of individuals who pool their money and collectively decide on donating to a particular non-profit organisation. Some giving circles are self-managed, whose members evaluate potential non-profits and administer grants.

Global Survey on funders – Philanthropy in Motion

PIM (www.pimchina.org) provides a platform that connects donors and funders worldwide to support social purpose organizations, including NGOs and social enterprises. We are in the process of designing an interactive technology product that will improve transparency in the philanthropic sector, streamlining not only access to information about but also interaction with social purpose organizations. Please […]

Hidden Hunger in Singapore Discussed at AVPN’s Friday Session

  For the month of July, AVPN had an intimate gathering with members and community friends at Jack Sim’s house to learn more about the work being done by the BoP Hub. The main project highlighted was on the issue of hidden hunger amongst foreign migrant workers in Singapore. A recent research conducted by NUS […]

Hong Kong to Become a “Social Business City”?

AVPN attended the Social Enterprise Summit in Hong Kong, which consisted of month-long activities on social innovation and entrepreneurship leading up to the main symposium from 29th November to 2nd December 2012. The summit was opened by the HKSAR Chief Secretary, demonstrating the city’s commitment to develop itself into a “Social Business City”. This term […]

Investment Showcase Is Back Online with 40 New Cases!

The original AVPN investment showcase is back on our website with many new cases profiled by our members! The purpose of the investment showcase is to provide a platform for AVPN members to showcase their investees and to encourage the deal sharing, co-investment and partnership among our members. All projects posted are supported by our […]

Modern Aging in Singapore

Identifying gaps in serving the needs of the elderly, and share how philanthropists and impact investors can fill these gaps.

Moving Towards Pay For Success (PFS) in Asia

4 min

With an established presence in UK, US and Australia, Third Sector seeks to bring Pay For Success (PFS) projects to Asia to troubleshoot issues of ageing population, healthcare and more.

New EVPA EU Index Card: Public Procurement Reform

Adopted by the European Commission in October 2011, the Social Business Initiative (SBI) aims to improve the situation on the ground for social enterprises, by facilitating their access to finance, making them more visible and optimising their legal environment. EVPA has selected 4 of the SBI Key Actions as being particularly relevant for VP/SI practitioners. Should […]