How to Invest with a Gender Lens

Value for Women is pleased to share a new guide on How To Invest With A Gender Lens which offers multiple pathways for investors who want to keep inclusion at the core of their efforts. It offers guidance on how to use capital to move the needle on impact and inclusion. Investors can test out different ideas and pathways and find those that best align with their vehicles, values, and motivation. It offers 3 entry points:

  • Providing capital to women-led & gender-forward businesses
  • Applying a gender lens across the investment process
  • Advancing gender diversity in the investment firm itself

VfW invites members of AVPN to partner with us and to take gender lens investing to action, especially as we rebuild from the impacts of COVID-19.

Click the cover image to download the report.

Value for Women How to Invest with a Gender Lens

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