AVPN 2020 | Building the Case for Gender Lens Investing Across Asia

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Session Highlights:

  • Asia is the second largest region for Gender Lens Investing (GLI), with USD 1.4b invested across 47 investment vehicles. Capital invested in Asia doubled in 2019 with 63% of GLI investment vehicles being set up in 2018 or 2019.
  • GLI touches all asset classes and a wide range of investors, most of whom are seeking market-rate risk-adjusted returns. While the initial focus of GLI was on women led businesses or women in senior leadership roles, investors have begun to expand this into the value chain to include businesses that create value for women.
  • Despite the strong momentum, one of the biggest challenges is awareness and acceptance of GLI products by public and private investors. Many funds feel the need to brand as “impact investing” as opposed to “gender lens investing” to gain buy-in.

Session Description:

    Gender Lens Investing (GLI) is key to the economic development of the region. In light of this, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation has supported and collaborated on a landscape report of gender-lens investment vehicles across Asia Pacific. This work was produced with Catalyst at Large and Sagana, and draws on data from 2019 from both Wharton Social Impact Initiative and Veris Wealth Partners.

    This session will take a dive into the key findings of the report which spans both public  and private markets vehicles with a gender lens mandate. With further insights from an expert panel of speakers, delegates will explore where capital is moving, into which structured vehicles, and the profile and approach of those vehicles.

    Join us for this interactive session to discuss the insights from the report and to talk about where investors can collaborate to advance the field.\

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding of gender lens investing vehicles in the public and private markets
  • A knowledge about how to apply a gender lens to investments in a East and Southeast Asia context
  • The opportunity to learn from practitioners at the forefront of GLI integration

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