AVPN 2020 | Catalysing Philanthropy Through Innovative Approaches

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Session Highlights:

  • This session focused on how the philanthropy sector can and should use its position of privilege to uncover innovative solutions and then provide visibility and capacity building that can bring these innovations to scale. Much emphasis was placed on exposure to broader networks and leveraging technology to amplify initiatives and attract partners.
  • The speakers stressed the importance of listening to beneficiaries and bringing those voices and perspectives into the innovation processes with more intentionality than ever before.
  • The power of effective collaboration was touted throughout the session as speakers discussed the need to leverage the expertise of various partners and use technology to reach other geographies. Dr. Cheng of LUI Che Woo Prize took this a step further by encouraging collaborations that can bridge from generation to generation.

Session Description:

    Charitable giving has always been a part of every society’s response to supporting those in need, but the approaches to how this is implemented have evolved over the years. This session will explore innovative approaches that different foundations have put in place to find the most effective and efficient ways to deliver social impact. This session will explore how foundations and donors have catalysed philanthropic initiatives through different innovative approaches to facing these challenges. We will explore these different approaches and discuss how to think about what might be needed for other organisations to move forward with their own innovative approach to achieve these goals?

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the relationship between philanthropy and innovation
  • Highlight examples of successful innovation in philanthropy in Asia
  • Discuss opportunities for collaboration in philanthropy through the lens of innovation

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