AVPN April Webinar: Impact Investment Ecosystem in India

Investing for profit and the philanthropic use of financial resources are commonly perceived as irreconcilable alternatives. Nevertheless, in recent times we have seen a rise in awareness of impact investing, which is defined by yielding both a social and a financial return.

Impact investing in India has the potential to grow from $1 billion worth of investments in 2015 to $6-8 billion by 2025 ( source McKinsey & Co). India is one of the world’s biggest markets for impact investing, given the nation’s many pressing social needs and an abundance of global capital.

AVPN member, Intellecap shared their insights on the Impact investing ecosystem in India, highlighted emerging trends, deep dived into the sectors that are investible and presented some of the key players in the market.

Through this webinar, Intellecap covered the following topics:

  • The Impact Investing landscape in India
  • Unique Factors of the Impact Investing Sector in India
  • Key Stakeholders in the Indian Impact Investment Market
  • New Impact Investing Trends in India