AVPN August Webinar: Access to Energy, and Its Rippling Impact on the Other Sectors

The off-grid solar industry was born from the demand for energy access among the more than one billion people who lack access to electricity worldwide. Early innovators and investors in this space were impatient with government grid extension and saw off-grid solar technology as an opportunity to “leapfrog” business-as-usual electrification approaches. This access has influenced outcomes in many areas, from lighting to refrigeration, to livelihood potential in areas with limited infrastructure and opportunities.

In a report released in January 2018, AVPN member Dalberg analysed the sector, including the range of impact it has had on the lives of its end customers. Fellow member, Acumen, has been investing in patient capital to serve the base of the pyramid and is now using lean data to measure and manage the impact of access to energy across various sectors.

Through the webinar, Dalberg and Acumen:

  • presented an analysis of the energy sector through their respective research studies;
  • explored impact measurement tools that cover the breadth and depth of impact created;
  • evaluated the impact that energy devices have on end consumers.