AVPN February Webinar: FSG Inclusive Markets and its Program to Improve Private Preschool Education (PIPE)

Investing in high quality Early Childhood Education (ECE) could provide the highest return on investment for promoting economic growth. The impact of high quality ECE is often more pronounced for children from low-income families than those from more advantaged families. Children from low-income households often do not have the benefit of supportive learning environments at home and are therefore inadequately prepared for primary school. High quality early childhood education can bridge this gap.

What does high quality ECE exactly mean? What are the barriers and opportunities in promoting affordable high quality education? In an effort to answer these questions, FSG Inclusive Markets, an AVPN member, embarked on a multi-year research program – Program to Improve Private Preschool Education (PIPE) in March 2015 with the objective of designing a framework that clearly supports affordable private schools in improving the quality of pre-primary education offered.

In this webinar, FSG  shared some of their insights on the ECE market from the interviews held with more than 4,000 low-income parents; the state of the early childhood education system in India, as well as highlights from their research on affordable private preschools.

Please watch to the video recording below for more details.