AVPN Impact Fund Webinar Series: Integrating a Gender Lens into an Investment Strategy

AVPN Impact Fund Webinar Series
Integrating a Gender Lens into an Investment Strategy

The first webinar in the 2020 Impact Fund series will be looking at Gender Lens Investing (GLI), a practice of investing that intends to address gender issues or promote gender equity by investing in women-led businesses, businesses that address the needs of women and girls through their products and services, businesses that support women in the workplace and businesses that include women in the value chain.

With the aim of disseminating lessons learnt on how to improve outcomes for gender focused businesses, we are featuring several high-impact funds. We will hear from Jennifer Buckely, Eric Savage and Shuyin Tang on how they incorporated a gender lens into their investment strategy.

Participants had the opportunity to:

  • Delved deeper into GLI and understand how it can be applied to an investment strategy
  • Gained insight in how GLI fits within the Southeast and South Asian context
  • Learned from experts who are leaders in the GLI field who will share their experience through case studies