AVPN January Webinar Recording: Lessons learnt about Impact Investing

Interest in the impact investment market is growing rapidly and has gained traction among a wide range of investors, including large-scale financial institutions, pension funds, family offices, private wealth managers, foundations, and individuals.

There is a diverse range of impact investment funds available from impact first, mostly impact, blended, all the way to finance first. What are the main things to take into consideration when setting up an impact investment fund? How do you present a compelling investment opportunity with ample impact and sufficient financial returns? What are some of the biggest challenges? How do you measure impact?

AVPN members Capria and B-Current shared with us their journey in setting up their respective Impact Investment Fund Accelerator Program and Impact Investment Fund, as well as their thoughts and advice on key items to prepare in setting up an impact investment fund.

Please watch to the video recording below for more details.