AVPN March Webinar: Funding Sustainable Livelihoods in India: Challenges and Opportunities


Despite India’s impressive economic growth, there is still a staggering population of 70 mil­lion people who are struggling to access stable and sustainable livelihoods in its rural hinter­lands. The growing urgency to address the country’s wealth gap has spurred rigorous efforts from the social economy – from the Government of India to social investors to an array of Social Purpose Organisations.

With the Government of India investing focused efforts to develop efficient poverty allevia­tion programmes, the rural poor have opportunities to increase their household incomes. These include improved access to financial services and sustain­able livelihood enhancements to nurture technical and managerial skills. Despite concerted efforts, there are still dire obstacles that require collective efforts in order to bridge these gaps.

This webinar by AVPN members Catalyst Foundation and Ennovent India was the outcome of a research study commissioned by the Ford Foundation in India:

  • Examined the challenges faced by SPOs in garnering funds for livelihoods related interventions
  • Examined the challenges faced by funders/investors in funding livelihoods related programs
  • Provided actionable recommendations for funders/investors for funding sustainable livelihoods in India