AVPN May Webinar: Creating Gender Equity through Gender Lens Investing

There is a growing body of evidence that gender equity is profitable for investment and makes a strong business case. However, the role of gender while investing is highly contextual and can be different in different markets. In India, rural women lack access to services, opportunities, and resources including affordable finance. There could be exclusion at family, society, and systems level. There is an absence of a conducive ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.

There are opportunities to invest in women entrepreneurs, and through using a gender lens in investing, the funders and investors can contribute to gender equity and a more equitable world while reaping good returns on their investment.

This webinar by AVPN members Plan International, India and Mann Deshi Mahila Sahkari Bank Ltd.:

  • Examined the issues of access to resources and opportunities for women
  • Examined the need for creating an ecosystem for women micro-entrepreneurs
  • Identified impact of using gender leans while investing