AVPN May Webinar: Investing in Edutech to Improve Learning Outcomes in India

Low learning levels in the schools in India has been a persistent problem that the government, civil society, and the corporates are equally trying to address. There is growing evidence that there needs to be a paradigm shift in the assessment methods for the children which currently measure retention ability of students hence giving rise to rote learning. Use of cutting edge technology tools that can be integrated into the core curriculum to enhance student achievement can provide a transformational learning experience for the students. While these methods are introduced there is a need for capacity building of teachers and educators for a variety of pedagogical and professional skills that involve Edutech. Substantial government investment in improving access to education technology in schools in India even in the remote rural areas has opened doors for ‘Edutech’ interventions for improving learning outcomes.

There are opportunities for funders and investors to invest in ‘Edutech’ to pull up the learning levels in schools in the rural as well as urban areas.

This webinar by AVPN members Learning Links Foundation and Centre for Science of Student Learning:

  • Examined the issues related to low learning outcomes in Indian schools
  • Examined the role of Edutech in improving assessment methodologies
  • Identified the impact of Edutech in improving learning outcomes