AVPN Webinar: Empowering Rural Women through Entrepreneurship and Political Leadership

The two biggest challenges women in rural India face are the lack of financial independence as well as lack of say in local governance. Both of these push women towards dependency for access to resources, be it in the family or the public space. Supporting women in rural areas through creating entrepreneurship opportunities, an enabling ecosystem, and systemic capacity building is an effective way of ensuring financial independence for them. Similarly, mobilizing women leaders in local governments is essential and has proven impactful in the success of policy prioritization and implementation. It also leads to women having a say in the policies that impact them.

In this webinar, listen to our members FWWB, India and Centre for Catalysing Change, on how they have been effectively empowering Indian rural women to take on these challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • What are the challenges and possible solutions in women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas
  • How to build an ecosystem for entrepreneurship promotion for women
  • How do women in local government impact the social indicators of their communities
  • How can women be hand-held for accepting political roles in local governance

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