AVPN Webinar: Investment Preparation for Impact Enterprises

It is critical for social impact enterprises to understand whether they are ready for investment as part of their fundraising journey. AVPN has been working closely with our members to develop the Social Enterprise (SE) Development toolkit for SEs to acquire a common language investment readiness framework to communicate with funders, while supporting  SEs with resources to address their needs.

Working together with EY, we’ve identified common challenges our network of SEs face in their investment readiness journey. In our upcoming webinar, EY facilitators will address these challenges to help SEs build their financial acumen and prepare for investment and will share access to the EY range of services for SEs including digital tools and long-term capacity building.

Webinar participants:

  1. Applied common valuation methodologies for their enterprises
  2. Understood how to manage cash flow efficiently and identifying KPIs to measure
  3. Identified key considerations when developing the investment pitch and business plan and choosing the right form of financing options

Do email dealshare@avpn.asia if you have any further questions.