AVPN Webinar: Revolutionising Education Systems in a Post COVID-19 Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended routines we once considered normal. Overnight, education systems around the world are forced to digitise education as students move towards home-based learning. It is a historic moment in education as we are being made to confront difficult questions and challenge the traditional methods used in the formal schooling experience. While technology has facilitated this leap in education, the crisis situation has also exposed wide underlying gaps in areas such as accessibility to information and communication tools, competency and training in operating educational technology, last-mile digital connectivity, and readily available data to aid coordinated and effective mobilisation of resources on the ground.

This 1.5-hour online session will comprise of a case presentation showcasing China’s unique experiences, followed by a multi-sectoral and cross-regional panel discussion. It will dive deeper into the current revolution in education with perspectives from grantmakers, private sector investors, academia, and non-state partners to policy programmes in China and Malaysia.

This webinar:

  • Gleaned from China and Malaysia’s unique experiences as they share how they have navigated learning in this post-lockdown phase
  • Identified innovative approaches adopted by education practitioners, investors and key stakeholders to ensure continued learning in the short, mid and long-term
  • Discussed the potential and impact of EdTech in light of CV19, outlining the challenges of transitioning to online learning in different communities across the region