The CFO Coalition for the SDGs: Call to Action


As the role of CFOs becomes more catalytic in advancing sustainable finance, they are generating greater interest amongst a diverse group of actors such as DFIs, foundations, impact funds, corporate and commercial investors around the deployment of SDG-linked bonds. They are focused on the integration of ESG factors to deliver positive impact and financial performance. Across Western and Asian economies, CFOs from various marquee organizations are investing and reporting against SDG KPIs and targets aligned to the 2030 Agenda. CFOs are contributing more to the evidence base on why sustainable finance for the SDGs is critical in strengthening market opportunity and performance.

The United Nations Global Compact recognizes the importance of working with CFOs “to become the architects of long-term value creation” through its CFO Coalition for the SDGs, a group of CFOs from the world’s leading organizations, including IDB, PIMCO, Enel, Unilever, Verizon, Suzano, IDB, the African Development Bank, and additional leading corporates working together to advance sustainable finance. The group convenes around key principles set out by the UN Global Compact’s CFO Coalition to strengthen the value proposition and adoption of sustainable finance practices for CFOs, to improve and harmonize reporting, guided by ESG factors, and to bring together a global community of CFOs to market and communicate the importance of sustainable financed for the SDGs.

In collaboration with AVPN, members of the CFO Coalition for the SDGs, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative launched by the UN Global Compact, will share their perspectives on sustainable finance in Asia and discuss the role of CFOs in driving financing performance against the SDGs. The CFOs from TATA Steel and BRAC Bank Limited are among the leading CFOs driving changes across Asia through their SDG-linked investment products. To understand the emergence of CFO-focused initiatives, the Head of the Sustainable Finance Team at the UN Global Compact and Co-lead of the CFO Coalition, Marie Morice will moderate the discussion and provide insight on the role of the CFO Coalition for the SDGs.

Key takeaways from the session are the following:

  • How CFOs are uniquely positioned to drove market changes and SDG investments and finance
  • The SDG investment and finance landscape in the Asia Pacific Region and emerging trends
  • The role of the CFO Coalition for the SDGs in driving collaboration with CFOs to strengthen the adopted sustainable finance principles; and partnered with UNGC’s Local Networks to expand our engagement with leading organizations

To learn more about the CFO Coalition for the SDGs, please refer following resources:



A. Environmental Stewardship
To protect the environment, we organize programmes like mangrove nursery and Reforestation, Coastal and River Clean-Up, Community Based Environmental Solid Waste Management, Environmental IEC Campaign and Eco-Academy

B. Food Security and Sustainable Livelihood
To ensure a sustainable livelihood for the community, eco-tourism include Buhatan River Cruise Visitor Center Buhatan River Mangrove Boardwalk are run by the community. Others include Organic Vegetable and Root crops Farming, Vegetable and Root crops Chips and by-products Processing and establishing a Zero waste store.

C. Empowered Communities
To empower the community, we provide product and Agri-Enterprise Development Training, Immersion and Learnings Exchange Program, Earth Warrior Training and Community Based Social Entrepreneurship Training

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