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More than 60% of the world’s youth live in Asia. How are we equipping the next generation of Asian youths? Draw on the rich AVPN community to drive impactful change!

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Building the future where no one is left behind

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ayPact draws from the rich AVPN network to build a community of funders, capacity builders, and solutionists – with a focus on equipping the next generation of Asian youths with the capital and resources they need to drive impactful change.

ayPact’s flagship initiatives are underpinned by the following principles: to advocate for youths as invaluable assets, and to facilitate partnerships with capital providers that harness these assets for impact creation.

Meet our anchor partners, who have been guiding the growth of ayPact.


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Find Unlikely Allies in Asia's Youth Development Ecosystem

Grab a Coffee is a Community Hub for impact practitioners within the AVPN Network who are empowering young people. Here, you can grab a coffee with young impact leaders, youth-focused funders, and capacity builders to exchange knowledge and forge collaborations along the way!

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Participate in locally convenings, organised either by AVPN or our network of members.

Jugaad: ingenuity in the face of resource limitation

A corporate-youth model for outside-in innovation

Purpose-led corporations will have the opportunity to partner with young impact leaders to co-create impact solutions.

At the same time, Jugaad is an opportunity for young impact leaders to acquire a sense of agency, and step into roles as responsible global citizens.


Hear from young leaders and youth-focused funders

The Youth Opportunities Platform is a key part of the Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative, We are proud to be working with AVPN to empower young people and support inclusive growth across the region.
Peter Babej
CEO, Citi Asia Pacific
Young people should play an influential role in the world we build. The platform that AVPN create for young people have proven to illustrate their courage, creativity and demand for a better world already. I am full of gratitude for providing these crucial platforms for young leaders.
Mac McKenzie
Co-Founder, BRIDGE Institute
Social Ventures Hong Kong believes that everyone can be a changemaker. We are excited to work with AVPN to drive a changemaking culture across Asia by creating new opportunities for youths to grow their impact at the intersection of work, life, and community.
Steven Tsoi
Chief Impact Evangelist, Social Ventures Hong Kong
The AVPN youth platfor speaks to me and the Foundation because it opens the doors for funders and young leaders to come together in an unprecedented way. I urge all funders to leverage the Platform to listen directly to young problem solvers who have the solutions to drive change.
Ma. Esther Santos
President, PLDT-Smart Foundation
The AVPN network gave me exclusive access to key stakeholders who helped me to successfully pivot from youth mental health to eldercare, and introduced me to key prospective customers.
Matt Oon
Founder, Acceset
From providing center-stage at the AVPN Global Conference to connecting us with advisors and capital providers, to educating the funder community about the work that young people are doing on the ground, AVPN has set a strong example for conveners of supporters globally. Being a Young Impact Leader with AVPN, I'm so incredibly grateful for the catalytic support and community that has been extended to me. This support will forever change and amplify the trajectory of my organisation and leadership!
Richa Gupta
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Labhya Foundation
Through the conversation with the fellow social entrepreneurs I get to explore possibilities of how similar problems are being tackled in different countries. Meeting with social investors in the community also enable us to think bigger and bolder!
Pin Kasemsiri
Business Development Lead, Generation Thailand
Through the Jugaad Programme, I got to meet a young team filled with great ideas I've never thought of before! I enjoyed the team dynamics and how the Young Impact Leaders took turns to lead their team.
Jeffrey Lam
Head of Corporate Responsibility and Marketing, Prudential Malaysia

This is your practitioner-driven space

Find out how you can take charge of the connections you make, and further youth development in Asia!

Community Stories

Insights from AVPN members and Young Impact Leaders

This sizable transformation in economic growth has led to rapid urbanization in big cities. While urbanization is seen as a driver of economic growth and poverty alleviation (UN Habitat, 2016), the process also creates specific social challenges, particularly for children.
Just a few weeks ago, the world welcomed 2023. As we enter the fourth year since the global pandemic hit, it’s increasingly clear that now is a crucial time for the state of education.
When young people get inspired to become entrepreneurs, prototype their ideas and test them for product market fit, they don’t expect an easy path.

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