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At the age of 12, Ranjith first encountered Dream a Dream’s After School Life Skills Programme for rugby. Initially Ranjith was not interested in playing the sport.
Philanthropy must address power imbalance instead of enabling it. This is the spirit that has undergirded MacKenzie Scott’s giving, which saw nearly US$ 13 billion in unrestricted funding deployed globally.
The idea is simple: no programme can be truly transformative until it intentionally embeds and empowers the communities that it is meant to benefit.

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Every young impact leader is developing their unique approach to represent, advocate for, and collaborate around critical youth issues. To amplify their efforts, AVPN connects them with with seasoned practitioners and advisors who can journey with them.


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Meet Our Young Leaders Who Are Championing Youth Empowerment in Asia

Ai Nguyen
“Education is the most powerful and sustainable way for disadvantaged youth to transform their future.”
Dicky Alfandy
“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
Htet Thiri Shwe

“A lighthouse can find the lost person back to shore, education does the same.”

Jichen Liu


“Every person has a part to play in reducing food waste.”
Kenny Ooi
“Seeing people around me learning and improving together in music-making brings me inexplicable fulfilment.”
Matt Oon
“I’m an old soul with a young mind, driving mental health change through the vehicle of a social enterprise.”
Pin Kasemsiri
“All of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.”
Richa Gupta
“To not feel like you are alone. To feel a sense of purpose and belonging. To feel complete. Today these are seen as luxuries. We need to create a world where this is a reality of every child”
Ryan Gersava
“Disability is part of the diversity of our human experience, let’s embrace it.”
Sayaka Watanabe
“Everybody has a place to belong to and a place to be active on the earth.”

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From Youth-Focused Practitioners

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