What is Juggad?

Definition: Born out of resource limitations in Asia, Jugaad is the gutsy art of improvising an ingenious solution.

Purpose-Led Opportunity

Leapfrog Social-Environmental Solutions

Jugaad is a pioneering initiative that enables purpose-led corporations to partner young impact leaders to co-create impact innovations. At the same time, Jugaad is an opportunity for young impact leaders to acquire sense of agency, and step into roles as responsible global citizens.

Jugaad will employ mechanisms like reverse-mentorship or youth advisory boards to enable such corporate-youth synergies, according to each corporate’s needs.


The Founding Consortium

Young impact leaders will be supported by leading organisations in this space of societal progress. They will bring their methodologies, networks and expertise to maximise the positive impact the programme has on corporations and youths.

What could Jugaad Look Like

Jugaad is not an internship or fellowship

Transform the way corporates approach young talent

For Corporate Innovators

  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Drive culture change
  • Share digital skills
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Business model reinvention
  • Process redesign

For Young Impact Leaders

  • Cultivate real world leadership
  • Opportunities to apply and scale innovation
  • Platform for skills building
The Jugaad approach

A 4-Month Journey

At the end of this journey, Jugaad will have three outcomes:


Prototype Solutions

Young Impact Leaders will present their prototype or recommendations. Corporate Innovators will validate the recommendations before making a go/no-go decision to carry the recommendations forward.


Model for Corporate-Youth Collaboration

Regardless of the outcome, there will be an opportunity for both corporate innovators and Young Impact Leaders to share and account for the learnings gained from the engagement journey.

Prototype solutions

Enduring Partnerships

Should it be a go, there can be follow-on opportunities to explore how the Young Impact Leaders can continue their engagements with the Corporate Innovators.

They will work with young leaders through a process of

Key Programme Elements


Workshops with corporate volunteers to frame problem statements


Facilitated problem-solving sessions between Corporate Innovators and Young Impact Leaders

Relationship Building

Mix of formal and informal sessions for Corporate Innovators and Young Impact Leaders to connect with one another

Capacity Building

Skills and/or insights sharing sessions for Youth Impact Leaders to learn and apply fundamental skills in problem-solving, organisational change and stakeholder management

Frequently Asked Questions

Outside-in corporate innovation is not new, but inviting Young Impact Leaders to provide this service would require a mindset shift and capacity building to equip the youths. Jugaad took inspiration from Project Melo, in which corporates in Hong Kong have been able to successfully incorporate youth voices into their corporate decsison-making process. The designer behind Project Melo, Social Ventures Hong Kong, is one of our founding partners of the Jugaad coalition, alongside social impact ecosystem partners, BRIDGE Institute and Social Enterprise Academy.

During the discovery phase, our ecosystem partners will brainstorm possible problem statements with the Corporate Innovator, based on its impact goals and challenges. After the Corporate Innovator confirms the problem statement, Jugaad will invite young imapact leaders and corporate innovators to a design-thinking workshop to further flesh out the problem statement.

Jugaad engages with corporates who reflect the following personas:

  1. A regional or global purpose-led corporate;
  2. Nimble, locally-based SMEs

There will be three tiers of engagements by the corporate innovator:

  1. The corporate liaison point with Jugaad organisers – they will provide key input on programme development.
  2. Corporate Innovators – Up to five employee volunteers will need to be involved. They will not only craft and own the problem statement, but will also have the highest engagement with the young impact leaders by contributing insights and context.
  3. Leaders – C-suite or senior management may be engaged to offer big-picture insights and considerations at relevant junctures.

Young Impact Leaders must commit to:

  • Up to three days a week consultancy using design thinking methodology (taught by ecosystem partners)
  • 2.5 hours a week to ‘Explore my Leadership’
  • 2.5 hours to reflectively engage in ‘Action Learning Sets’


There will also be joint activities with the corporate volunteers. These will include:

  • One day joint problem statement workshop
  • Two integenerational activities (to build understanding)
  • One reflection and presentation workshop
  • AVPN Conference session between 20 – 22 June 2023 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Based in Malaysia or Singapore.
  • Aged between 18-30.
  • Possess the spirit of jugaadness, such as the willingness to challenge the status quo, experiment and innovate, and an openness to feedback, new relationships, and new experiences.
  • Proficient in English language.
  • Passionate about building a better, fairer and more sustainable world.
  • Ideally experienced in being in a social impact organisation or social enterprise; actively participated or participating in social impact work through volunteerism or otherwise.

Committed to:

  • Attending the group virtual learning sessions (estimated to be one hour per week).
  • Attending the team meeting once a week (estimated to be two hours per week, some virtual, some in person).
  • Delivering and progressing the consulting work of the team in between team meetings (estimated to be two hours per week, though this may vary week-by-week).
  • Attending the AVPN Global Conference in Kuala Lumpur, 20th – 22nd June 2023.

There will be a selection process to shortlist Young Impact Leaders, starting with a call for applications, eligibility check (please review the eligibility), and shortlist interview, before the final selection.

The AVPN Global Conference is the largest social investing convening in Asia that gathers funders and resource providers from across the world to share knowledge, build strategic partnerships, and address socio-economic challenges at scale. The annual flagship event breaks down silos to bridge the worlds of philanthropy and impact investing with private equity and institutional investing.

Corporate volunteers and Young Impact Leaders will have the opportunity to participate in a Conference session, where they can share their experience particiipating in Jugaad. Agenda will be finalised soon.

Jugaad will offer Corporate Innovators and Young Impact Leaders complimentary tickets (subject to confirmation) to the AVPN Global Conference. A standard ticket for Conference participants is USD 1,970.

However, Jugaad will not be covering accommodation and travel expenses. Some travel allowance might be provided (to be confirmed).

To many businesses, youths are often not seen as partners in impact creation, and are not cultivated for nor exposed to decision-making, even if it affects their world. Today’s highly complex and turbulent environment, however, demands a new approach to innovation and growth

Forward-looking businesses are empowering and harnessing the power of the next generation of young Asians to build a world where no one gets left behind.

Jugaad is a pioneering initiative under the Asian Youth for Impact (ayPact) that enables purpose-led corporations to partner young impact leaders to co-create innovations that can leapfrog social and environmental solutions. At the same time, Jugaad is an opportunity for young impact leaders to acquire sense of agency, and step into roles as responsible global citizens.

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A corporate-youth model for outside-in impact innovation