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AVPN Global Conference 2023

Who We Are

We are Asia’s #1 social investor network

We are a network of 600+ members across 33 countries that is increasing the flow of financial, human, and intellectual capital from around the world into the social sector in Asia. We believe our strength comes from the diversity of our members and partners. They have shown time and again their commitment to connecting across diverse sectors and geographies to move capital towards impact together.


The AVPN Vision

How we do it

AVPN helps you to move capital towards impact

We are action-oriented. That means we find social investment opportunities in Asia that will drive the global social impact agenda forward and explore how to effectively move capital to where it is needed most.

Impact Communities

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Afghanistan Relief

Climate Action

Corporate Social Impact

COVID-19 Relief

Early Childhood Care and Education

Expert Collective

Gender Platform

India Policy Leadership Lab

Primary Healthcare

Private Wealth Hub

Ukraine Relief Effort

Women Entrepreneurship in India

Youth Opportunities

Afghanistan Relief

Climate Action

Corporate Social Impact

COVID-19 Relief

Early Childhood Care and Education

Expert Collective

Gender Platform

India Policy Leadership Lab

Primary Healthcare

Private Wealth Hub

Ukraine Relief Effort

Women Entrepreneurship in India

Where we do it

Explore the social investment landscape across Asia

Click on a market to find out what the AVPN social investor community in that market is doing. About 20% of our members are also headquartered outside Asia, but are active across Asia in collaboration with Asian partners.

Global Markets

The Pan-Asia Market members comprise foundations, family offices, impact funds, corporations and intermediaries that are headquartered outside the region, but invest and work extensively across Asia-Pacific.


One of the most dynamic economies in the world, Australia has a long-standing giving culture. Local grant-makers are leading the movement towards long-term strategic philanthropy.


Two decades of strong economic growth have propelled Cambodia towards attaining lower-middle-income status in 2015. Diversification of the economy and improvement of basic social services including education and healthcare are key to achieve sustainable development.

Hong Kong SAR China

One of the most dynamic economies in the world, Hong Kong SAR China is a significant gateway for international capital and has a long-standing giving culture. Local mega grant-makers are leading the movement towards long-term strategic philanthropy.


Impressive growth in recent years is propelling Indonesia to the 7th largest economy in the world by 2030. The country’s rich tradition of religious giving and young and entrepreneurial demographic provide a strong foundation for social investment.


The island nation of Japan has the most developed economy in Asia. Private foundations set up by businesses and high net worth individuals have a rich tradition of grant-making, while some corporates have gone beyond philanthropy to establish funds investing in impact-driven enterprises.

Mainland China

A developing market and the 2nd largest economy of the world, China is emphasizing responsible business and investment to build a society of mutual prosperity.


Malaysia’s drive for innovation continues to underpin its emerging social investment market.


The amazing story of Myanmar is that despite great political turmoil (a nascent but unstable democracy) their economy is among the fastest growing in the world.


With GDP growth rates hovering around 6.9%-7%, the Philippines is one of the top performers in Asia.


Singapore has a very robust and vibrant social investment ecosystem.

South Asia

Over the past decade, wealth in South Asia has grown dramatically and with it comes more sophisticated and engaged philanthropists and social investors. This group is tackling many of the economic inequalities still challenging the country through market-based approaches.

South Korea

After several decades of demonstrating rapid economic growth, South Korea is now sprouting demand for sustainable investing.


An upper-middle income country, Thailand has embarked on a reform programme towards achieving a high-income status. Significant government support for the social economy could become a driving force behind this effort.


Vietnam has become a destination of choice for global manufacturing firms. The country's high net worth individual population grew by 148% between 2007-2013, making it the fastest growing wealth market among the world's top 100 economies.


Humanitarian relief efforts

Opportunities to support the ongoing humanitarian work of our members across the region.

If we cannot be at the vanguard, we must stand at the backs of those who are there with practical solidarity.

Ukraine Relief Effort

Afghanistan Relief

COVID-19 Relief

Members' Experience

What do our members think about AVPN?

Through the AVPN initiative, we aim to build a multi-stakeholder data platform to facilitate the diffusion of climate technologies in like-minded countries, reducing the information gap between supply and demand, and thereby accelerating the green transition.
Hongjin Kim

Director at Coalition for Our Common Future

The APAC Sustainability Seed Fund is supporting ASRI to expand and invest in climate solutions developed by indigenous peoples and local communities (IPs & LCs) across Asia and the world to protect tropical rainforests. Thanks to AVPN's support, ASRI and Rainforest Exchange partners will develop AI-powered, near-real-time deforestation monitoring tools, which will be accessible to IPs, LCs, and the global community. By pairing direct global investment with IP & LC solutions, AVPN and ASRI are addressing the triple crises of climate change, declining biodiversity, and social injustice.
Nur Febriani

Executive Director at ASRI

Engineering Good is grateful for support from the AVPN Sustainability Seed Fund. These funds will be utilised to refurbish and repair laptops donated to the communities and also owned by the communities. We will also conduct workshops to train people from all walks of life on how laptops can be repaired and thus reduce the consumption of precious and often toxic materials while reducing the creation of harmful chemicals at landfills. We appreciate the trust-based philanthropy approach of AVPN as this will allow us to identify new ways of addressing the issues and unmet needs that we come across.
Patrick Hee

CEO at Engineering Good

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