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Mobilising Capital towards Youth Priorities

The Youth Opportunities Platform aims to harness the power of the AVPN network by convening and amplifying the efforts and voices of young impact leaders, funders, and resource providers - all of whom are championing youth empowerment in Asia, and deploying capital in different ways.

With founding support from the Citi Foundation, the Platform will inform practitioners of priority youth gaps, highlight collaboration pathways between capital providers and/or innovative impact organisations, and advocate for under-represented youth voices and issues.

Have an insight, research, best practice, initiative, or funding around youth empowerment to share with the community?

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Youth Opportunities Platform

$1 Billion was invested by the World Bank

to support youth investments. That's $1 per young person (15–29 years old) in the developing world. This figure misses out undisclosed funds by other sectors, but even if the amount tripled, it’d still not be enough. Investments in youth empowerment have the potential for faster rates of return.


of the world's youth live in Asia-Pacific, but are they getting their fair share of opportunities? Investing in youth opportunities creates empowering conditions for catalytic, multi-generation transformation.

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Initiatives & Resources for Practitioners

30 March 2023

Youth Mental Wellbeing & Resilience: Evidence-Based Innovations and Ways of Funding

AVPN Event

25 January 2023

Apply to the Rise Challenge

20 October 2022

Best Practices in Funding Under-Supported Youth Interventions for Systems Change

11 September 2022

Youth Action Challenge

30 June 2022

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About the Young Impact Leaders

From a pool of close to 100 AVPN member nominations, we are proud to welcome 10 impressive impact leaders from across 10 Asian markets.

Meet our champions, all of whom are empowering youths in diverse ways - from protecting coastal communities to supporting refugees to championing mental health to upskilling marginalised youths.

Htet Thiri Shwe, Myanmar

"A lighthouse can find the lost person back to shore, education does the same."

Jichen Liu, China

"Every person has a part to play in reducing food waste."

Ai Nguyen, Vietnam

"Education is the most powerful and sustainable way for disadvantaged youth to transform their future."

Ryan Gersava, Philippines

"Disability is part of the diversity of our human experience, let's embrace it."

Kenny Ooi, Malaysia

"Seeing people around me learning and improving together in music-making brings me inexplicable fulfilment."

Richa Gupta, India

“To not feel like you are alone. To feel a sense of purpose and belonging. To feel complete. Today these are seen as luxuries. We need to create a world where this is a reality of every child”

Dicky Alfandy, Indonesia

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

Pin Kasemsiri, Thailand

“All of us should have an equal opportunity to develop our talent.”

Sayaka Watanabe, Japan

"Everybody has a place to belong to and a place to be active on the earth."

Matt Oon, Singapore

"I'm an old soul with a young mind, driving mental health change through the vehicle of a social enterprise."



Mentors help us to see ahead what others cannot see, and rekindle the hope in ourselves that threatens to fizzle out.

We are heartened that close to 60 AVPN members have stepped forward to walk alongside young leaders in their journey to create impact. Their expertise will go a long way in building the capacity of impact organisations and unlocking resources from the social investment community.*

area of expertise

Fundraising and Revenue Strategy

Impact Management

Coaching and Mentoring of Management

Access to Network

Marketing and Communications

*This initiative is part of AVPN’s larger effort to build a collaborative community of social sector experts. The AVPN Expert Circle is an avenue for seasoned practitioners to channel their knowledge and skills towards programmes and impact organisations.


Our Anchor Partners

The PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF), through the partnership with AVPN, upholds its mission of providing opportunities and platforms for the youth to harness their leadership and life-development skills. The partnership gives them a community that recognizes and improves their strengths and offers access to conversations and learning from peers as well as experts - opening up to a world and future where they will soon take center stage.

PLDT-Smart Foundation

Esther Santos, President

We believe that, through the formation of new ways of thinking, combined with technology, we can enable changemakers to create a meaningful and sustainable impact, especially by encompassing the Indonesian spirit of collaboration (Gotong Royong). We are eager to join forces with AVPN to make our efforts around youth development, protection of the environment, and employability to drive the economy.

Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa

Monica Oudang, Chairperson

Social Ventures Hong Kong believes that everyone can be a changemaker. We are excited to work with AVPN to drive a changemaking culture among youths across Asia by creating new opportunities for youths to grow their impact the intersection of work, life and community, to nurture the next generation of changemakers.

Social Ventures Hong Kong

Steven Tsoi, Chief Impact Evangelist

In Asia Pacific and around the world, youth are leading the way on the many fronts of innovation, leadership, social entrepreneurship, and climate change. Alongside our partners, our agenda at UNDP is to support these youth champions to achieve their vision and impact. We are excited to be a founding partner of the AVPN youth opportunities platform and deepening our collective youth empowerment work.


United Nations Development Programme



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Frequently Asked Questions

With Founding Support from the Citi Foundation, the AVPN Youth Opportunities Platform aims to catalyse the scale of youth empowerment in Asia. 

By harnessing the power of the AVPN network, AVPN will leverage the resources of more than 600 funders and resource providers to: 


  • identify and inform practitioners of priority youth gaps in the region, 
  • identify collaboration pathways between AVPN members and impact organisations, and 
  • advocate for under-represented youth voices and issues.

Join us and be part of the movement.


  • Build the pipeline of impact organisations/solutions committed to addressing youth causes.  
  • Facilitate resource matchmaking between capital providers and/or impact organisations across the regions to bridge resource gaps.
  • Drive cross-market and cross-sector knowledge sharing with an aim to equip capital providers and impact organisations with a common language around social investment.
  • Pool resources amongst capital providers around a youth thematic pillar to deliver more strategic impact at greater scale.
  • Raise visibility of underrepresented youth voices and issues to encourage more capital to be mobilised towards these priority areas.
  • Bridge the generational gap between young people and the public and private sectors by nominating young impact leaders to be part of their board advisory. 
  • Keep youth communities at the center of decision making processes by ensuring young people contribute to key social investment conversations.

We do not plan to recreate the wheel by developing our own initiatives; Instead, we play the role of an aggregator and resource matchmaker. We seek to support funders, resource providers, and youth-driven impact organisations by equipping and amplifying their existing efforts. 

We see our role as an ecosystem-building one. With so many capital providers already supporting young people, we aim to develop transparency, facilitate collaborations, and ultimately unlock and mobilise more resources towards young people in Asia. 

While conversations on capital mobilisation are typically driven by capital holders,  the Youth Opportunities Platform is keen to place young people at the centre of decision-making. Only in this way, we can bridge the resource and knowledge gaps across sectors and generations. 

The SDGs offer a shared blueprint that the world can aspire towards. As the agenda for youth empowerment cuts across all 17 SDGs, the Youth Opportunities Platform ensures that the initiatives it champions work toward the targets outlined by the SDGs.
  • A cohort of 10 young impact leaders, who have been nominated by AVPN members to champion unique and highly pertinent youth initiatives in their Asian markets.
  • A strength of 60 AVPN advisors, who have committed to not only support these young leaders in scaling their initiatives, but also lend their resources to youth initiatives across the network.
  • A core group of anchor partners, who form the advisory committee that guides the strategic direction of the Youth Opportunities Platform. 
  • The Social investment community, where we are able to add value and drive strategic social investment

The young leaders are visionaries and collaborators, who are leading initiatives to empower fellow youths, and tackle critical youth issues. Meet the young leaders and find out their initiatives here. 

The young impact leaders, who are working on individual youth empowerment initiatives, have been nominated by AVPN members to benefit from this opportunity to amplify the impact of their work around youth empowerment, and inspire large-scale transformation. Out of the pool of 100 nominations, AVPN has confirmed our inaugural cohort of 10 young leaders across 10 Asian markets, through a rigorous review process.

The advisors are seasoned professionals from the social investment community, who are keen to share their experiences, insights, resources, and networks with young impact leaders. Their guidance will support the organisational growth as well as the personal development of the young impact leaders. Find out more about our advisors and their work here. 

While we have closed the first round of interest to become an advisor for the network, AVPN, at a higher level, is building a collaborative community of social sector experts. This AVPN Expert Circle is an avenue for seasoned practitioners to channel their knowledge and skills towards programmes and impact organisations across Asia. If you would like to join the expert circle, please indicate your interest here. Once we have recorded your interest and your preferred engagement model, we will share relevant opportunities for you to evaluate if you would like to be a part of it.

An anchor partner will, broadly, serve as part of the advisory committee to surface youth voices and trends that it is observing through their markets or hearing through its networks. The anchor partner will play a pivotal role in guiding the strategic direction of the platform together with the young impact leaders.

There are no fees that a young impact leader, advisor or an anchor partner would need to pay to be part or support this network. AVPN is also not responsible for paying a fee to cover any expenses that arises from the engagements within the platform (For eg, meetings with advisors, travel expenses, etc).

The network and communities never stop growing. We are constantly on the look-out for high-impact young leaders, advisors, and anchor partners. If you are keen to be part of this movement, join us here.

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Our Founding Supporter

The Citi Foundation is committed to ensuring that young people play an active role in the solutions and programs developed to serve them. The Citi Foundation has partnered with AVPN to double down its efforts to improve opportunities for young people in underserved communities in Asia.

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